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More Bedroom Meme Cuz I'm bored, too

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Bedroom Meme stolen from phdelicious cuz I'm bored while traveling to Whitehorse

Do you have the following in your bedroom:

Condoms: No, althoughI have heard of them
Cellphone: I refuse to buy one until Tug buys one
Chair/stool: Yes
Book shelf: No, there are huge ones in other parts of the house
Dresser: Yes
Computer/laptop: No
Bean bag: No.
Pictures: One of me and my previous dog on her last hunt
Mirror: Sort's an etched mirror with wolves on it
Skateboard: No.
Bed: Queen size
Clothes on the floor: No, it's against my religion
Surfboard: No
Smoke detector: Yes
Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass/drums: No, althouhg I wish I owned a keyboard. Hmmm, maybe phd would sell me hers!
Locking door: No
Bottle of water: No
Blacklight: No
Medals/ribbons: Boxed up in the garage
CDs: No
Flag: No
Stop sign/any sign: No
Real Gun: Yes, loaded 20 ga for anyone thinking to do bad things
Cigarettes: No, icky
Pot: No
Any drug: In the medicine cabinet, you dope
Alcohol: No, in the liquor cabinet, you lush
Books: Yes, several current works in the headboard
PS2: No
XBox: No
Stereo: No, in the stereo cabinet, you music fiend
Television: No, in the entertainment center, you couch potato
Lighter: No
Gum: No

How many windows do you have in your room? Two, so the moose alarm (Tug) can wake me out of a sound sleep at 2AM by barking at the moose in the yard
What are the colours of your walls? Bone
Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom? Both
What colour is your bed sheet? blue, gold and white
What's on your walls? Wildlife art prints
Has the opposite sex slept in your bed? Yes, but not at the same time I was there
Anyone other than you ever had sex in your bed? That is presuming I've had sex in it
Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you? My dog, Tug
Do you like your bedroom? Yes, except for that annoying Moose Alarm
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(no subject)

Title: Anger in the First Degree
Dislaimer: I don’t own anything resembling CSI or its characters.
Author: Boubabe14
Characters: Grissom, Sara
Rating: G
A/N: Thanks to phdelicious for her willingness to beta even with the computer breakdown. Muchos Gracias!

When work gets in the way, how do Grissom and Sara cope?

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(no subject)

Tomorrow I am beautiful Baja bound for 2 weeks of vacation. Yea!! Things have been rather tense both at work and on the personal front for the past couple of months, so I am looking forward to the respite. With winter getting colder and darker faster than should be legal, the sunny beach should be just the ticket. A part of me is worried about my VCR messing up (electricity is not a constant in Alaska most weeks) and missing November Sweeps epis of CSI. Another part says I lived without Grissom and Sara alot of years, so I can do this...maybe the hotel gets US stations :-) I hoped to get a fanfic posted before I left, but my bright and bestest beta (phDelicious) had a computer breakdown. This too will pass. So while I bask on the beach, I plan on drinking a toast to phD and her computer, one to GSR canon, one to BP and JF, one to all my amigos here at Geekfiction, one to the internet, one to my dog (good boy, Tug), one to sunshine, one to my first college advisor in 1978, one to...okay, you get the picture. Hopefully, they have a plentiful supply of tequila at the hotel. 27 hrs and counting!
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Life at Work Is Too Real

Life just is a pain right now...I've had this idea for a fanfic zooming around in the background of my thought processes for about a month.  However, real life keeps getting in the way.  At the moment it is a presentation at a national conference in a month which has me doing nothing but spinning my wheels at work.  I've worked on analyses for  the past 10 days and don't feel as if I am any closer to completion than I was when I started.  AACK!!  Headache upon headache, stress, frustration...this has to stop soon.  Thank God for all my talented Geekfiction friends who continue to create works of wonder and give me some respite from the fury at work right now. 
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CSI in Canada

So there I was, downloading field data to my computer, sitting in a quaint little cabin in Old Crow, a very small native village in the northern Yukon Territory.  Now, I have been to Old Crow several times for field work, and while I enjoy staying there and chatting with the residents, it normally lacks for any TV availability.  Maybe it was because I was still cruisin' on the GSR ship from last week or maybe I was just needing to distract my overloaded brain from all those data points, but I found myself flipping on the tube after all my companions headed for bed.  Lo and behold, the place had a sat dish and there was a bajillion channels.  Some were in French, of course, which didn't mean much to me.  However for the next 4 hours CSI was on some channel somewhere on the sat menu.  It was freakin' unbelievable!  I don't have it that good in Alaska!!  So, yeah, I guess you could say I am looking forward to my next trip in a couple of weeks.  Who woulda thunk it?  I may have to consider getting dual citizenship.
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Better Days

Dislaimer:  I don’t own anything resembling CSI or its characters.

Title: Better Days
Author:  Boubabe14
Characters:  Grissom, Sara
Song lyrics are from GooGoo Dolls’ “Better Days”.

Rating: Teen

A/N:  Thanks to cybrokat and lasrevinu for their helpful beta work.  You guys are great!

This is a look into Grissom's mindset after ToYD.


Better Days


And you ask me what I want this year

And I want to make it kind and clear

Just a chance that maybe we’ll find better days.



The darkened townhouse was familiar this morning, and he didn’t bother flipping on the lights as he came through the door.  The shadows had been a constant since he moved to Vegas those many years ago.  The difference was the dawn light, filtering through the curtains, and he wondered when the sun started to find its way into his interior.  He shrugged as he slipped out of his shoes, laid his briefcase on the table and headed for the shower. 


His after-work ritual to unwind from a shift was also familiar…shirt off…socks off…pants off…shower on…boxers off.  As he waited for the shower to warm, he didn’t look in the mirror.  Being naked wasn’t Grissom’s favorite role, and he definitely didn’t need to remind himself how middle-age had changed him.  Lord knows he thought about it often enough, usually in contrast to her youthful physique.  However, last night confirmed a shift in the axis of his world.


The hot shower felt relaxing as he stepped in, still contemplating the change he recognized from the familiar distance in their relationship.  Change…another role he was uncomfortable in.  Certainty had been the cornerstone of his personal façade ever since he could remember.  He accepted the fact he was smart, making his career path easier to navigate.  He excelled in his profession, and that gave him the ability to mask his personal limitations. 


The initial thoughts of the previous shift’s events began to flow through his mind as the liquid heat streamed over his body.  Questions examining the change in direction and intention of their relationship came unbidden as his mind replayed the evidence.  Reaching for the soap and guiding the bar up his left arm, he felt her gaze in his memory.  Underside of the arm and over…her eyes scanned up from the pages in front of her focusing…on his chest moving ever lower…with a purpose and a quiet smirk…then switching hands and direction up…meeting his eyes in a deliberate challenge of intimacy…sliding over to his right arm.  The familiar ritual of cleansing became a catalyst for his mind to shift focus.  In the past he was certain of his need for distance…from his emotions…from his desires…from his heart…from her.  Yet, last night he felt closer to her than he thought possible.  More importantly, he felt it as a conscience decision, not a place forced upon him by events.  “I wanted to be there. I wanted to sit across the table from her and know she was with me in my mind.  We both wanted it.”  He quickly opened his eyes as a frown creased his lips, and the soap bar suddenly stilled.  “How did she know that, too?  Not only did she know I was with her, but she seemed to welcome it.”


Sara was the power of observation personified when it came to him, he reminded himself.  And if this was going to work, he needed to put the fear of that realization behind him.  He quickly his motions with the soap bar, sending the last of the lather down the drain.  “Along with the doubts,” Grissom thought.  His actions and reactions to Sara were deliberate and defined over the past few months.  His constant attention to changing their dynamic was building the foundation.  He welcomed it, as he welcomed the soothing warmth of the shower.  He knew where they were going.  More importantly, he was actually happy about it.  That, too, was a change.  He didn’t remember the last time he felt happy, especially about his relationship with Sara.  “That was the past now, Gil,” he reminded himself.  “Focus on the future.”


“Future…fantasy…private…Oh, God…,” he gasped at his own reaction to that image.  His right hand drifted toward his throbbing erection almost of its own accord, while his mind redirected his movement to the shower’s temperature control.  “Not today, buddy.  We’re saving up for a big event.”  He watched in satisfaction as the hot driving force quickly turned cool, returning to its resting pose.  “Not to worry though.  We won’t be waiting long.”  Of that, he was certain.


Cuz everyone is forgiven now

Cuz tonight’s the night the world begins again.